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It's Monday. We have three days of nothing on the calendar followed by four days with visitors. On Thursday we'll be meeting my mom at the Wild Center for a mid-week field trip and then she'll follow us home. My dad was supposed to come with her but his next project is ready so he's off to Florida. (People in Florida need shoe stores too, right?) My mom will stay until Saturday morning. And then Josh's parents are coming to visit with the girls before their trip to North Carolina. Its going to be a busy weekend!

I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming election. Been watching the news and reading lots of articles about what's happening in our country right now. This is such an important election in so many ways. Not only will it determine the course of our country for the next 4 years but the man we elect will likely choose at least 2 Supreme Court judges, possibly 3. That is a lot of power and influence over our future.

Abortion is a central, black and white issue for me. I could never vote for a candidate who supported abortion - especially one as devoted to the pro-abortion cause as Obama is. It is a complete deal-breaker for me. I believe the Word of God calls us to stand against such an atrocity and we as Christians need to step up to defend the unborn.

I knew I would not support a pro-abortion candidate. But as I've watched the debates and listened to each man explain their stance on various issues I've come to a place of fervent support of John McCain. It goes way beyond abortion for me. I think in debate #3, Mr. McCain said it best. Barak Obama is Senator Government. He thinks that the government is the answer to all issues, the answer to all our problems.

I don't think people who have no tax liability should get more tax breaks.
I don't think the government has any business being in the health care system.
I don't think that taxing businesses is going to help our economy.
I don't want the government to redistribute any wealth. If you earned it, keep it.

If Barack Obama wins the election, the Democrat party will have a frightening majority over Washington DC. They already have control over the Congress and we know how well that's gone. I didn't really understand for a while how people could really think that electing Obama was a good idea.

There's his controversial citizenship.
His friend Bill Ayers. (oh and don't forget about Rezko. He's a great guy too... )
His lack of experience. He's only been a US Senate for 4 years. 2 of those 4 years, he's been campaigning for President.
His incredibly liberal voting record.

I don't want a President who thinks that the government is the answer to my problems. Do you? Do you really want a President and a Congress that will insert their legislation into every area of your lives?

Two weeks left. The polls are close.
God help us.This is my baby Lauren at 20 weeks. Obama thinks it would have been fine to kill her. Look at those baby cheeks. The face. The little hand in a fist. A baby.


  1. Absolutely heart-wrenching.

    Pray. Pray. Pray.

  2. We must pray. I am sad to think that Obama has gotten this far already in the campaign.


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