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on gardening and such

* Our vegetable garden is going to have to wait a bit longer. Josh has another trade show this coming weekend and we won't have time to plant. So early June it is. Not really a big deal, considering the cold temperatures we're having.

* My lilac tree in the front yard was damaged during a storm late last fall. I think it's just going to have to be cut down. The limbs are hanging down and looking weak. Sad. I love the smell of lilacs in early spring.

* I was reading back through my blog posts from this time last year. It's funny to think of how many things we do over and over again.

* We're done with school. After our Cape Cod vacation, the girls will be doing a little work every day to keep them sharp. But for the next three weeks - freedom! (And 30 minutes of free reading a day. ;-) )

* With Lauren out of diapers, I can say with confidence that I would cloth diaper again in a heartbeat. It was more work at times but much more rewarding.

* I've been thinking again about vaccines. I caught a brief news story about the terrible outbreak of whooping cough and how it is to be blamed on those who don't vaccinate. Just when I was thinking maybe I should do more research to see if there is anything Lauren should get, the media succeeds in ticking me off. No more for us. If I go to the trouble of baking our bread, snacks and meals from scratch as much as I'm able, making our own cleaners to lessen the chemicals in our home and switched to cloth diapering - why would I inject my child with who-knows-what just because some news anchor tells me to?!

* It's amazing to me how quickly summer fills up. By the end of May, we're booked. Crazy.


  1. Do you do tetanus? Ryan is concerned about Jameson playing in our yard near the neighbor's fence which is full of rusty nails.

  2. We put our garden in this weekend. I thought you were going to post some pix of the renovations!

  3. @ Danica - Tetanus is one I've had concerns about also. My girls go barefoot most of the summer and it seems like a smart precaution. Lauren had her first three rounds of shots, so there was some tetanus vaccine in there. I'm not sure if she needs a booster or something. Plus Lael and Alyssa both ended at 18 months. Should they be getting boosters? These are the questions I need answered by someone who is medically intelligent and not int he pocket of drug companies.

    @ Linda - Josh hasn't had time to finish the trim but I can take photos of the rooms the way they are. I'll try to remember today.


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