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I've been crabby lately. Not just a little snippy but really crabby and rotten. There are things that are out of my control causing me to feel stressed and stressed leads to crabby which eventually leads to angry. not fun.

When I'm feeling stressed, it's hard for me to hear God. I know He's still there but it's the hearing part I struggle with. Some people would say that it's okay for me to be a little crabby when I feel out of control or while I'm dealing with hard issues.

I have told me it's okay. I have told me to go ahead and wallow in it. And God's Word would tell me that my words and thoughts should be sweet.

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14

I can't find those pleasing words sometimes when Addie is trying her new screechy voice. And Lauren is singing "Hosanna in the Highest" for the 3,000 time. Or Lael and Alyssa barreling through the house asking to call for a friend or go for a bike ride. Sometimes, I just have to find quiet to hear God again and find my peace.

I go here. And I can hear and see God's promises again of care, peace and a hope.

The only sounds are the noise of my sneakers sloshing on the muddy dirt road. (399)

The multitudes of birds, frogs and bugs all singing their God-given song. (400)

The rattle of an Amish work buggy driving by with a quiet hello from the driver. (401)

Hearing my own breath, in and out, louder as I go up the hill. How many times each day can I just hear my own breath as it's own gift from God? (402)

The smell of woods and fields after a soaking night rain. (403)

from my twitter...

404 holding my baby while her
daddy sleeps close by and praying for Gina, the youngest widow I've ever known.

405 trusting God to bring peace

406 messy counters

407 scattered toys

408 full garbage cans

409 the little hands that create such messes

410 crisp mornings

411 a return to routine

412 cheap bushels of tomatoes

413 fresh vision

414 baby snuggles

415 my girls are piled in one bed

416 good deals on a quick shopping trip

417 watching the baby love her sisters

418 seeing a vision come to fruition

419 time to let hubby nap

420 productive mornings

421 exhausted but blessed with another day

422 sister-friends off for a bike ride

423 giving gifts just because

424 rewarding good behavior

425 beautiful blogs from faraway friends

426 being able to pray for the things I can't fix

427 knowing that He is still in control

428 my big girl's first from-scratch apple pie

429 rearranged rooms

430 opportunities for sister bonding

431 my sewing table, set in it's own little nook

432 seeing a very fashionable friend while wandering TJMaxx

433 hubby saying yes

434 a bag of new clones that don't look like anything I already own.


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