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It's a broken-down truck, no church, no errands, cook a lot, visit a bit, be lazy kind of weekend.

So I will continue my 1000 Gifts... This list starts with tweets from over the summer, it's been so long since I caught up this list. Kind of cool to read through my thoughts as we built the house!

530. (from 8/14/12) Standing right in the spot my kitchen sink will be and turning around to see walls up with window openings cut out. Love windows.
531. Zucchini bread baking.
532. Boiling tomatoes from my garden into sauce.
533. Plans for an italian dinner feast.
534. Watching for the trusses.
535. Finishing all the work for the weekend by 7:30 Saturday so we can relax all day Sunday
536. Cinnamon butter on whole wheat toast
537. football & good friends
538. freedom to educate our children
539. fast progress on our new house
540. Hands that can paint
541. a roof to keep the rain off
542. happy girls crafting away
543. a comfy bed for later
544. it's taco Tuesday so I don't have to think about what to cook
545. granola bars that turned out perfect
546. hand-me-downs
547. audiobooks
548. (from Sept. 20, 2012) The tubs and showers are being delivered.TODAY.THIS IS EXCITING. We are progressing, even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes.
549. banana bread & hot apple cider
550. passing inspections
551. Sheetrock on the schedule
552. help from friends
553. A bucket of orange flowers rescued from a dying garden and moved to my front door
554. beautiful leaves
555. items off the to-do list
556. days off the countdown until we move in
557. beautiful apples.
558. Peaceful attitudes
559. garden produce, canned beautifully and stored for winter
560. The ability to serve others
561. a hard day's work
562. the chance to practice patience
563. a coat of Clary Sage paint on new siding
564. solid phonics lesson with Lauren
565. made yummy allergen-free donuts
566. Showing friends the progress on our new house
567. convictions that lead to good choices
568. praying that grace becomes life to my girls
569. Baby Vicks
580. Glo-bugs
581. soft blankets to snuggle in with my AddieBoo
582. work days
583. deactivating
584. Happy girls playing in the snow before school
585. moments when we encourage each other to be thankful even when we are frustrated
586. (11/27/12) Today we will do school & laundry, I will bake vegan brownies and I will stain another closet door. That's it.
587. moments of quiet in what turned into a busy day
588. seeing the light installed over the island at the new house
589. friends who help (again. But when you're building a house, you are sincerely thankful from the bottom of your tired heart every, single time)
590. (11/28/12) The new house finally has heat. I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank You Lord for provision
591. Peeling oranges, ironing uniforms and packing lunches once a week - SO thankful for CFA and the blessing it is to our family.
592. A new deck on my new house
593. a quiet afternoon
594. a quick batch of cookies just for my hubs
595. an early bedtime for this sniffling mom
596. My washer dances and makes noises it's not supposed to make but I pray that it would work for just a little longer. And it does.
597. My grandma's sugar cookie recipe for a cookie exchange tonight
598. the tiniest bit of snow glittering in the corn field
599. a dwindling to do list, feeling like I'm in a snow globe at the new house
600. finishing the floors
601. our dog that is ever faithful & the perfect foot warmer
602. Bitty Babies for my baby
603. Chris Tomlin's music when I'm tired
604. an iPod that decided to charge
605. checklists that are working
606. setting a goal
607. my morning call from hubby
608. Morning pancakes & snuggles
609. little girls in footie pajamas
610. three successful days of new schedules after a battle of wills
611. Feeling settled about my convictions on clothes & modesty
612. funny dreams
613. sleeping late
614. a list for the day that seems manageable
615. (1/12/13) I've wanted open shelves in my kitchen for a long, long time. Today my hubby put them up for me in the new house
616. ordering appliances!
617. leftovers
618. a quarantine room for sick kids that keeps every happy
619. sunshine
620. Water running in the laundry room sink
621. faithful friends & neighbors that help us so very much
622. being halfway done with winter
623. Organizing
624. reading
625. watching Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
626. cleaning
627. looking outside
628. High speed Internet (finally!!)
629. an indoor moving sale to get rid of some extra stuff
630. my snuggly Addie
631. yummy frozen pizza
632. I smelled a skunk last night. Do you know what that means? SPRING is coming. Thank You Jesus.
633. Reading the Words I need to make it through the day, amazed once again that the God who created the universe cares for me.
634. Fixed the wireless printer, got a new vacuum, hubster mopped the floor - that's a good Saturday
635. My sick baby 'reading' books and giggling
636. girls climbing trees
637. my mud room
638. voluntary nap time
639. Opened windows and the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap
640. Green tea with honey
641. melting snow
642. spring sunshine
643. all the girls outside or sleeping and a new magazine
644. A pretty sunrise over the trees
645. everyone trickling out of bed
646. no sickness!
647. our family day trips finally here!
648. Fresh layer of snow & a Christmas episode of Little House on DVR = a slow, snuggly kind of morning


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