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{Giveaway} fox+paper

Is anyone else finding their thoughts straying to Christmas from time to time? I am. I love Christmas and everything that goes along with it. Christmas cards are way up there on the list of my favorite holiday things. I love getting and sending Christmas cards, just as a quick hi, I am thinking of you, have a great Christmas! message to friends and family that I don't communicate with regularly. And who doesn't love opening their mailbox and finding a bunch of festive envelopes?!

If you are already thinking about your Christmas like I am, you will be so happy to meet the sponsor of this giveaway. I am happy to introduce my beautiful, creative, genius friend Carol:

 Hello, redeemed readers! I'm Carol, the doer of all things for fox + paper

(me with the little man and little miss at the Wild Center)

I am so excited to be hosting a giveaway on my good friend Jackie’s blog. She’s great, isn’t she? Here is a little about me…

I love making things; I've been doing it as long as I can remember. My mom taught me to sew on her old green Kenmore machine making M&M flannel pajama pants, a globe printed vest with MC Hammer pants, and baby quilts. I made beaded hemp bracelets and sold them at local craft shows - I loved it.

Years later, I ended up at engineering school. There, I found my future husband, my wonderful church family, and an engineering degree. When I had the chance, I snuck in some creative time making a few wedding invitations for dear friends. After a few years of an awesome engineering job, and many evenings spent designing invitations, fox + paper was born. I opened my Etsy shop in the spring of 2011.

Just a few months prior to the shop opening, a little man joined our family and I transitioned from process engineering to home engineering. 

(photograph by Colleen Hackett Photography)

A couple years later, we have added a little miss to the mix.

(photograph by Colleen Hackett Photography)

Enjoy the shop,, and keep checking for seasonal and holiday updates. Contact me if you have any questions or are interested in a custom order. I just upgraded my printer (a tiny tiny* inkjet to a gig* laser printer) so that I can handle more in-house printing and offer higher quality products to my customers.

It’s so nice to meet you,
Carol Fox

* the little man's lingo

btw - I still love to sew and knit (my early crafting adventures), but I love that I get to keep those as treasured hobbies.

Carol has created some amazing products for her Etsy shop. This giveaway is all about Christmas but if you're looking for invites or cards for other occasions, be sure to go straight to her site.

Fox+Paper is generously sharing with one blessed redeemed reader a variety pack containing four (4!) of her beautiful cut out Christmas cards. I think these cards are the perfect addition to a gift for extra special people, like grandparents or far away loved ones. For the rest of my readers, Carol is also offering a special coupon code - redeemed - good for 5% off all orders placed through November 16, 2013.  The giveaway will end on November 16, 2013 at midnight and the winner will be notified by email.  Carol will then contact you directly to get your shipping information. Good luck, everyone!

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  1. She's got some great stuff, that's for sure! I think my favorite is the card that says "Merry Christmas". Love the cut-out idea with the pictures showing through!

  2. Sending something personal and printed on beautiful paper in the mail is a wonderful incentive to reach out and touch someone . Thanks for the opportunity to enter this give away.

  3. I like the Merry Christmas card.

  4. I like the Merry Christmas customizable one! Beautiful stuff!

  5. Very creative! I like the Hark the Angels Sing one!

  6. Wow there are so many beautiful things to choose from! I think I like the Merry Christmas one the best!

  7. Love Hark and Sing Joy! Very cool cards :-)

  8. I really like the SING JOY Christmas Customizable Cut Out Cards

  9. Hark the Angels Sing.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Everything is beautiful! LOVE the Rejoice card! :)

  12. The Hark the Angels Sing card is lovely....everything is, really hard to choose just one!


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