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{Review} My Little Pony: Party Of One app

My girls are blessed to have an iPad that they share. We use it a lot for school, even when they don't realize they are playing school games.  My 6 and 3 year old daughters especially love to read books on their iPad. Through Mosaic Reviews, I was given an opportunity to get them a new book to read! And it was just in time for my big once-a-month stock up grocery shopping trip. My 3 year old came with me. She lost interest in shopping pretty fast and having this available for her really helped get through the morning!

PlayDate Digital has released an interactive book for the iPhone/iPad based on an episode of the popular television show, My Little Pony.                                                                                                 My Little Pony: Party of One is a story about Pinkie Pie. She's ready to throw another one of her epic Pinkie Pie parties, but all of her pony friends are busy! Pinkie starts off trying to figure out the mystery and learns an important lesson the end. It's a cute story with bright, fun,  interactive graphics as well as a life lesson about friendship.

On each page, your child can choose to have the story read to them as the words are highlighted or they can read it themselves.  There are also learning words (as they're called in the app) in purple on each page. Even when a child has the "read to me" mode shut off, they can still click the learning words if they need help reading it.


After the narrator or child finishes reading a page, the characters come to life! Every item that is outlined in white (as seen above) will expand the story even further when your child taps on it. Also, at the top of the screen there is a slide out menu that allows the reader to choose their favorite scene with one tap.

At the end of the story, there is a fun Sight Word Round Up. Your child can hear the word by clicking on the word or the corresponding picture. I thought this was great review for my 6 year old, while also being a great start for my 3 year old. The words vary in difficulty from 'hat' to 'disguise.'

There is also a Parent Page, where you can keep track of how many pages your child has read, how many Learning words or Sight Word Roundup words they've done. I thought this was a great tool for those times that you just want to see how much your child is learning. As you can see, my daughters haven't taken advantage of the Learning or Roundup Words that much yet. :-p

This app is available at the App Store for $2.99 and is available for iPhone or iPad. For that price, I would have loved to see more stories or a couple of comprehension games to go along with this cute story. Overall, my daughters do enjoy it. My 3 year old especially loves to listen to the story over and over again.


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