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Five Things Friday: the spring edition

On My Heart: Am I doing things, just to do things or am I doing things that the Lord would have me do? And if I am doing the things that the Lord would have me do, am I doing them with a good attitude? Are they more than another item on the checklist, these things that are important to the Lord, or have they just been checked off and forgotten?  Honestly, I am a list checker-offer. I just like it all done. How we get there isn't always pretty though and the Lord is gently reminding me, as of late, that the journey is as much a part of the plan as the end result. I'm trying to slow down and enjoy the journey. It's a struggle for this charge ahead, take no prisoners kinda gal. But I am trying. So I'm stopping to look at a rock collection or tie the shoelace (for the hundredth time). I'm letting my big girls cook dinner and not worrying as much about picture perfect cleanliness when last minute plans with friends for dinner plan fall together. How we get there is just as important as getting there, my heart keeps whispering to my run ahead brain.

On My Mind: Gardening. Chickens. Pigs. Flowers. Landscaping. Walkways. Lawns. All things spring. My wonderful hubby bought me a greenhouse. I love it! Me and my little helpers planted tons of little seeds in paper cups. I think things would be doing a little bit better if it were warmer outside, but winter is not letting go without a fight this year. A more organizer gardener would have put a small heater in her greenhouse, since we've had some very cold nights, but I forgot. Our chickens will be arriving some time next week. We are only getting chickens for laying eggs right now. (Last year we raised meat birds.) We will do more meat birds - because I loved having a freezer full of chicken! - but not until summer. And the pigs. Well, they are pigs! Noisy, filthy, bossy fat things. They aren't nearly as fun to watch as chickens but again, a freezer full of meat will be very nice come fall. And landscaping, walkways and lawns are slowly coming along. Much slower than my patience level would prefer but it will all come in time.

On My iPhone: Pandora is where my music is coming from lately. I listen to a few different channels as time allows. I'm trying to get into listening to podcasts, but find it difficult to focus on them. As for apps - My Fitness Pal is my go to lately. I find the simple act of recording what I eat is very impactful. Grocery Gadget is my favorite app for keeping my shopping organized. I'm trying out a few different coupon apps as well. If I lived closer to a Target (I'd be broke), I would use the Cartwheel app a lot more.

On My DVR: We just suspended our television service for a couple months but decided to try Netflix for early mornings and rainy days. I need to know what to add to my playlist! What's your favorite Netflix show or movie?
On My List: My Hubster is working this weekend, so my list is pretty short. We are going to get laundry done. That's pretty much it and that's also enough to fill my weekend! We've gotten so behind on laundry. I'm slowly compiling a list of curriculum haves, needs and wants for the 2014-2015 school year. Science is a no-brainer for us but everything else is kind of up in the air. We will be prepping for our annual standardized testing this week. We are slowly wrapping up our school year and I'm so happy with our progress this past year. We are also working through another new chore chart. It seems that we can never keep one for too long. What's your favorite way to keep track of chores?


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