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- We celebrated Christmas with Josh's parents yesterday. It was a nice, relaxed day where the girls got to talk and play with Gramma and Grampa to their hearts content. We were all blessed with wonderful gifts. It was a really nice visit.

- This morning we braved the snow storm and headed to church. The girls had been practicing some Christmas carols to perform with their children's church classes. It was super cute to see hem singing with their friends. They all did a great job.

- We're still just enjoying spending time doing Christmas things. Visiting with friends and building relationships with new ones. Baking and eating and baking some more. (That is a vicious cycle...) My shopping is completely done and everything is wrapped. I'm very much looking forward to Christmas Day. It will be just our little family all day long and I think its going to be so fun to enjoy that time together. (Especially sine I know what the presents are ... ) The day after Christmas my parents arrive and we'll do another Christmas celebration.

As the big day gets closer and closer I find myself wanting to press pause. It's flying by and I don't want to miss anything. We've packed just about as much as possible into this month and its been wonderful. To be honest, I've enjoyed this December more than any I can remember. Not that its been perfect - my dryer is broken and I've had to put away the cloth diapers until we get it repaired. (As much as I'm not really minding the decrease in laundry or throwing out dirty diapers, I know I'm not using the resources I have to their fullest potential. It's frustrating.)

So I know there hasn't been anything insightful or deep lately. Maybe in January.


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Khan Academy

{Check out the UPDATED tutorial on using Khan Academy!!}

I'm not a math person. It just never clicked for me. So many homeschool moms have shared similar thoughts as well as their worries over how they'll teach their children upper levels of math. Finding tutors is always an option as are the more expensive computer-based curriculum. But what if those expensive curriculum are out of reach for you or you don't know anyone who can tutor?

Enter Khan Academy.

Khan Academy is a completely free resource that began with Sal - the original genius behind Khan Academy - wanting to provide a better education for relatives overseas. What began as some math videos shared with family members has become an extensive virtual library of over 4,000 videos on topics ranging from basic math to trigonometry to American Civics. They've been featured on The Today Show and have thousands of Twitter followers.  Khan Academy is being used in schools around the world.

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Khan Academy - UPDATED

{UPDATE #2 -- Khan Academy now gives each person the option of choosing a grade level, from early math - which covers K-2 - to high school. You have to log in under your student's account to change their grade level. But it definitely guides their exercises in a very clear way! We really enjoy it. Let me know what you think!}

One of my most popular posts has been this little tutorial on using Khan Academy for homeschool.  Soon after I posted, Khan Academy completely revamped their Learning Dashboard.  It is even easier now for homeschool families to use Khan Academy for their students.

Here's how to get started, if you haven't yet.  And you should! Because it's amazingly easy and totally free.

First step. Sign in. Always sign in as a teacher, so you have access to all the 'coach resources' as they're called. It will also give you more ways to track what your students are doing and what skills they need to keep practicing.

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One issue homeschoolers run into at times is where to keep maps. Many programs really require access to a world and US map. Some homeschoolers are blessed with enough space to have a dedicated homeschool room. For those of us that do school at the dining room table, the living room couch or where ever we land - where do we display a map?

My oldest daughter suggested gluing a map to the underside of a clear tablecloth. Sounded like a good idea to me! Turns out it was the easiest project ever. We now have a sturdy plastic tablecloth to protect the table as well as easy access to a world map as well as a US map.

I purchased a large clear table protector, a World & US wall map set and clear Elmer's glue.

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