- We celebrated Christmas with Josh's parents yesterday. It was a nice, relaxed day where the girls got to talk and play with Gramma and Grampa to their hearts content. We were all blessed with wonderful gifts. It was a really nice visit.

- This morning we braved the snow storm and headed to church. The girls had been practicing some Christmas carols to perform with their children's church classes. It was super cute to see hem singing with their friends. They all did a great job.

- We're still just enjoying spending time doing Christmas things. Visiting with friends and building relationships with new ones. Baking and eating and baking some more. (That is a vicious cycle...) My shopping is completely done and everything is wrapped. I'm very much looking forward to Christmas Day. It will be just our little family all day long and I think its going to be so fun to enjoy that time together. (Especially sine I know what the presents are ... ) The day after Christmas my parents arrive and we'll do another Christmas celebration.

As the big day gets closer and closer I find myself wanting to press pause. It's flying by and I don't want to miss anything. We've packed just about as much as possible into this month and its been wonderful. To be honest, I've enjoyed this December more than any I can remember. Not that its been perfect - my dryer is broken and I've had to put away the cloth diapers until we get it repaired. (As much as I'm not really minding the decrease in laundry or throwing out dirty diapers, I know I'm not using the resources I have to their fullest potential. It's frustrating.)

So I know there hasn't been anything insightful or deep lately. Maybe in January.