Lauren - My baby will be one soon. We're making plans for her first birthday party and Easter celebrations combined into one big weekend. (After this we are taking the birthday parties down a notch and limiting the girls to a dinner with 2 friends. Birthdays should not be a bigger celebration than Christmas.) Anyway. She has started walking on her own in the last few days. No walker - she just stands herself up and gingerly takes steps. Its so cute and so sad at the same time.

Alyssa and Lael - The two big girls are doing what they do best - being energetic and hilarious. Lael's basketball games and practices are times for Alyssa to visit with her friends. Nothing really new with the two of them. Alyssa's speech is incredibly improved lately. We're continually working on attitudes and words. That will never end, I suppose.

Josh and I - We're good too. Josh keeps busy with work and dreams of summer barbecues. We already have a running list of new recipes to try. I'm all for springtime, a clean yard, watching my hostas and peony emerge and smelling a barbecue. Because my husband knows how to cook out. Yum.

Have you listened to WQTK lately? Its now a conservative talk radio channel on the FM dial so its easy to hear from most of our area. Its shocking, I know (note sarcasm), but there is outcry from liberals that this station should be forced to program more balanced news programs. Hmmm.... I think not. If you are enjoying hearing our dear Rush clearly on FM (because we could never tune in the AM channel he's broadcast on), send an email of support to:


  1. Hey there....I am always up for new grilling recipes too...just in case you want to send me a few ;)

  2. Did you get your laptop?! Mine arrived yesterday-- when I was too miserable to really care, I must admit; but today I'm enjoying it. :)

    I like the image on your site. Very Feb appropriate: anticipating spring while still being black and white since we've not yet actually gotten there!

  3. Thanks for the comment! Weight loss is definitly a process!


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