I'm normally not such a glass-is-half-empty kind of person. So I hope you can all forgive my moody "three sides" post. I hate sounding so whiney. So here are some positives before Josh packs his laptop into his briefcase and drives away.

* I get to watch this uninteruppted - including the episodes I have waiting for me on DVR.

* I can have a guacamole wrap for dinner. Every night. If my guacamole lasts that long.

* Tuesday night, all us girls will go to basketball practice with Lael. Alyssa can visit with her friends and I can chat with mine. Normally Josh takes Lael by herself so the little ones can get to bed on time.

* Less laundry. (Until Josh gets home, obviously, but hey I'm trying right?)

See, I'll survive.

I'm convincing myself of it right now. :-)