It arrived today. After me missing the delivery truck on Friday and it being left at the warehouse on Saturday - finally, its here. Not since October have I had a computer that is only for our little family. My girls are anxiously awaiting their turn after dinner, to set up their identities and pick their bookmarks. I am organizing my MP3 player and burning some new music. I'm feeling so blessed today. And at first I thought Jackie, that's terrible! How can you feel blessed just because you got a new computer?! You should feel blessed all the time!

But its definitely more than that. Its the comfort of a leather chair and the happy hum of girls playing with boxes. Its the small monitor that shows me a picture of my baby girl asleep upstairs. Its the van repairs that cost half what we thought they would. It's my hubby going off to work each morning and returning home each evening. Its knowing that (even though the forecast doesn't show it) its almost spring. Its finding the cushion that goes on the end of my ear buds a month after I lost it. It was just sitting in the middle of my bed, on top of my red comforter. How it got there, I don't know. I'm sure it was somehow wrapped up in the load of laundry I'd just finished putting away. But I was so blessed my that silly little piece of foam.

Because all of it reminds me how much my God cares. Not just enough to save me but enough to care for my little details. And that is just so much more than I deserve.


  1. Glad you got your computer. You are blessed everyday my dear. You have a wonderful husband and three fantastic children.
    Love the new chair BTW.

  2. Its knowing that (even though the forecast doesn't show it) its almost spring.

    A BIG Amen to this!


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