three sides

loving - a husband who is willing to work (hard!) at providing for our little family
not loving - Josh leaving tomorrow for a 5-day conference
really not loving - the thought of the relaxing week I was supposed to have with my mom while Josh was at the conference. Now I will be home alone with my three little ladies for 5 days.

loving - having a vehicle that fits all 5 of us.
not loving - the rust growing on the passenger side door
really not loving - the car repairs that have yet to be done. They are not going to be cheap or quick repairs. And because of them, I don't think its wise to drive long distances until they are done. (That's why I'm staying home instead of traveling to my mom's house tomorrow.)

loving - my three beautiful daughters
not loving - all the laundry they produce!
really not loving - sorting through toys and clothes (again) that are not being used.

loving - sunshine. Even cold sunshine.
not loving - wind.
really not loving - feeling the wind blow through my windows. While they are closed.


  1. I'm also not liking sorting clothes...I just don't seem to have enough places to go with all those not in use, but I don't want to get rid of any, in case they are needed down the road. And I can't imagine Tim being gone for five days, much less leaving all three kids behind with me. Praying God gives you grace to sustain you.

  2. Maybe you could all come here one day this week in order to get out of the house a bit? We're all healthy (miracle!). Or you could maybe join us at the church one morning when I let the kids play wildly in the gym? I like to pack a lunch and make a morning of it-- I could pack extra for your crew if it would help. Just let me know! (briettapaladin(at)


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