nothing like a clean start to wake you up! I accidentally deleted my old blog. All I can say is be sure to read all the fine print before you click on 'okay.'

I can't say that I'm very happy about losing over three years of thoughts and memories. To be perfectly honest, I was quite upset. But this is a nice clean start, right? And I like to clean. So this must be a good thing.



  1. Yikes, at least you know how to start yourself a new one. I am very computer illiterate, remember, you put my blog together. I can post but that is about it.
    Why is Josh going out of town?

  2. Think of it as decluttering... ;)

    I like the new background tons.

  3. I couldn't figure out where you'd gone to!

    I think I would have cried if I were you. Good perspective on your part.


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