Last Wednesday, I felt icky. Thursday was worse. Friday was better and I thought maybe I was out of the woods. Saturday I woke up feeling horrible. After Lael's basketball game, a quick lunch was made and then Josh sent me to bed. I slept for two hours. Two hours! I never nap. But it sure felt good to get some rest.

So I've never really thought of myself as technologically challenged. Until I got my new laptop that comes with Vista rather than Windows XP. And until I discovered a Podcast that I wanted to listen to on my MP3 player. Its all worked out now but for awhile there I felt completely stupid. I really want to blame some of it on Vista but in all honesty I think it was just me. sigh. This means I really am getting old.

I love igoogle. My email, RSS feeds, calendar, weather and an automatically saved notepad are all waiting for me every time I go online. Right now on my notepad is my Easter/Lauren's birthday party shopping list.

As Josh was walking out the door this morning, he asked me what my plans were for the day. "Laundry, cleaning, schoolwork and making lists." What a simple life I lead....
My baby loves books and to sing little cute baby songs. Her latest song goes something like this ... Da Da Da Da Da Hey! Cute just doesn't even cover it.

Alyssa got a hair cut. She's even more adorable.

My mom will be here for a long weekend in just 4 days. Unfortunately my dad is working in New Jersey and cannot get away for enough time to travel all the way up here and back. So my grandfather is coming along and we're going to have a lovely weekend. Lael has a game Saturday morning. Josh's family will be here for Lauren's party Saturday afternoon. And then Sunday we all celebrate.
He is Risen.
We are saved.
What a glorious thing to celebrate.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Loved the pictre of Alyssa's haircut. What happened with your weekend guests? Looking forward to Saturday.

  2. So, I'm assuming with all the yuckies lately, we're cancelling today. Bummer! Maybe when I get back?


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