Today was just a good day.

Time with a new friend, getting to know each other. Letting our little girls play together. Watching my little doll be as cute as a button.

A grocery shopping trip with no incidents. Good deals. A daughter dancing around because we're having salad for dinner. Fresh coffee. Yum. :-)

Daughters who cleaned their room, put away laundry and gathered up dirty clothes with little need for reminders. A quick sweep of the house, wiping down and dusting where needed. That's one thing I love about keeping a cleaning schedule. Within an hour, my whole house can be neat and tidy.

Days like today its easy to be content. But I clearly remember the not so good days. Especially on these happy days, its important for me I think. It wasn't so long ago that there were no friends in my life. Shopping trips were tear-jerking, stress bombs - having no control over my daughters and no clue how to get control. Cleaning was last minute and chaotic, trying to get things together before Josh got home. There was no joy. It was my winter. Dark, cold, hard, isolated.

Spring has most definitely arrived in my life. Joy, peace, discipline, laughter, growth.

Now if this North Country weather would follow suit - we'd be all good.


  1. Hi Jackie!

    Yes I DO remember you! You sang at Josh & Liz's wedding. You daughter Lael's name stuck out clearly in my memory forever, I think it's just beautiful.

    I have to say I'm jealous you live in the North Country. Sound crazy? :-D I've gotten to know via e-mail brietta, her SIL abby, and mom Darlene.. and I think it sounds like the church family out there is fantastic. So supportive of family, homeschooling, etc. Brietta says there's nothing out there.. I think that sounds perfect ;-)

    I'm so glad you commented so I could find your blog and read as well! I'm also guilty of lurking at many blogs ;-) But I know how much I love it when someone leaves me a comment saying "Hey, I do that too!" or whatever it may be.. so I'm trying to comment more when I have the time!

    I loved your easter pictures.. looks like you have quite the homemaking art down :-) I loved that basket/centerpiece I've started to work on that in the last year!

    I saw your pictures of a trip to looks like an aquariam? You were with a big group - do you homeschool?

    Hmm... this is a long comment. I'm notorius for long e-mails too ;-) You might want to know what you're in for in a friendship with me! Lol.. I'll stop for now!

  2. Mind if I ask, what do you use for curriculum? I put together my own assortment for Kindergarten and I'm torn about what to do for 1st grade!

    I really like how My Father's World looks, but I don't know anyone who has personally used it. I have read a number of reviews online about it.


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