It looks cloudy and gray outside right now. Snow is piled up everywhere and has taken on that dingy late winter look.

But today is the day I've been waiting for. It will be warm enough to turn the heat down, put the girls in sweaters and open the windows. The temperatures will climb in the the upper 30's and lower 40's - a heat wave in the sun-starved North Country.

I have a long to do list on this happy day. Through circumstances I don't fully understand (the conversation was interrupted by kiddos) we were given a 25 pound box of tomatoes. Yeah. That's lot of tomatoes. And for the record, if anyone asks you if you want some tomatoes - ask how much they're offering. :) So I have to spend time today making it all into salsa. We'll devour it very quickly I'm sure. With some fresh parsley and cilantro, it tastes just like summer. The bananas in my fridge have turned that perfect spotty brown that means banana bread time. And in anticipation for our warm day, I bought a new mop.

Its going to be a busy day. But at least it will be a warm one.

And on a completely different note - is anyone else completely disenchanted with Idol this year? Maybe when they get down to the final 12 I'll get into it. Maybe I'm just old (because I am almost 30, you know. shutter.) and have lost interest in watching Simon shatter the dreams of young hopefuls. I'd rather watch re-runs of our new favorite show and make barbecue plans for summer.