Salsa - done. (7 gallon bags, each about half full of the yummy stuff now occupy my freezer. Add in a jar for the fridge, a container for a friend and one large bowl that was consumed yesterday and that equals a really-lot of salsa.)

Banana bread - done. ( And toss in a loaf of Apple bread because my tallest girl, who just keeps getting taller and skinnier, ate two of the bananas. One loaf of banana bread won't last five minutes once Josh is home and we cut into it. So I tried out a recipe for Apple bread too. We'll see how it is.)

Floors - done. (Swept, mopped and re-swept. And then spot cleaned by two little girls who wore muddy shoes into the house...)

Open windows - done.

And a walk, an insane amount of laundry and schoolwork all done. It's been a good day. Now if the laundry would just put itself away, it'd be just about perfect.


  1. Oh, I wish laundry would put itself away? Why do I absolutely loathe that chore so very much?

    Salsa sounds so yummy. Lucky you and your taste of summer.

  2. p.s. Do you have any new great recipes? I'm bored, and your recipes usually have the same criteria I require: healthy and not pricey! :)

  3. Ummm, yeah I'll take a bag of salsa! Are you sure, though? Won't your family eat it in due time?!?!

    By the way, I followed the link you left on Danica's site and am itching now to try some of her new bean recipes-- as well as her side rice mixes. Yum! Thanks for sharing that!


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