Today. March 9, 2008. Over one foot of freshly fallen snow.

About one year ago. March 22, 2007. Warm air, lunch on the patio, no snow to be seen. What a difference a year can make!


  1. That's just crazy. I'm trying to not get upset at this weather, considering by the end of August I'll be complaining about how hot it is. :)

    We don't leave until the 21st. When do you have free?

  2. Let me check with Kat and see if she's free that day. It would probably be best that you don't see my house that day anyhow. I have to be in Watertown all day the day before which means the house won't be as nice for company. Plus, you might as well wait until we're done with Annabelle's nursery, because it'll be super fun to show that off. That should be in the next month or so. I'll let you know after I talk to Kat. :)

  3. Tim would be very jealous right now. He loves the snow and would be thrilled with a big snowstorm. As it is, we get "winter storm warnings" when we are supposed to get 5 inches of snow, and we've had a couple in the last week, and then we only end up with a half inch of snow or so...though we do still have a lot on the ground. I think I am ready for spring, though, so I'm glad we didn't get that foot of snow :).


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