* It's raining. Isn't that wonderful?

* Lauren celebrated her birthday by having a stomach bug. Some middle of the night ickies and a blow-out of epic proportions and all seems to be well now.

* Alyssa is just adorable. She begs each day to wear a skirt or a dress. And even though I disagree at first, I then let her wear it because why not right? She has tons and tons of skirts and dresses. She does all her chores just fine. Why not let my pretty little girl look pretty?

* Lael has her last Upward game this Saturday and the Awards Night next Tuesday. Hopefully the driveway thaws soon so she can play basketball at home. She really loves it.

* I am slowly but surely changing. My battle with my weight will end with me being victorious. It won't be for awhile yet that real results will be seen, but I'm getting there. I joined an exercise class with three women I really want to get to know better. Its hard to get out of the house in the evenings but this is something I have to do - for myself and for my daughters.

* My dear hubby is very busy this week. The Expo begins Friday and he has been preparing the company's display. Since he's the manager of the company and the main salesperson, he has to spend a huge majority of his weekend in the Expo. We knew this time commitment was coming but now that its upon us, we're both just tired. But if you go to the Expo, be sure to stop at the Cornerstone table!


  1. Yay! Go Cornerstone! :)

    Thanks for your comment at my blog today as well. That entry seemed to provoke quite a few responses from my readers. Seems the ones that come right from my heart do that.

  2. Amen to your battle with weight ending in VICTORY!!!!
    I am at that same place right now.I recently finished a bible study at church that myself and the most of the woman did as well.It was called "Breaking Free" (making liberty in Christ a reality) and it was written by Beth Moore.It was awesome! During the 9 week course of the study I felt on several occasion that the Holy Spirit was convicting my heart in the area of food (love of).Praise God for it too! I realize that it is stronghold in my life and I am in desperate need of His grace in dealing with my flesh! I also realized that this is a generational sin and totally understand what you mean when you say for yourself and your daughters!! I can honestly say that with His help I have victory!! This is not to boast but to encourage you to look to Him and lean on Him! He really is SO faithful!!!
    I have recently lost 11 pounds and it is amazing to me how the more I truly rely on Him to help me through this and ask Him to help me get out of this rut I've allowed myself to get in,His presence is there! It is a real testimony of His spirit and grace in my life! I will be praying for Jackie as you find the Jesus name!!!


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