Rain and mud are lovely, beautiful things.

Spring is coming. (we'll just ignore the forecast for tomorrow...)


  1. I am ready for spring, too...though our forecast isn't good either. I was wondering, too, how much paperwork you have to do for homeschooling in NY. I just read the HSLDA website's summary of NY laws and it seems pretty extensive, but also somewhat up to the discretion of the local school district's superintendent. Have you had "smooth sailing" with it all, so far? We're still interested in moving back up there at some point, but I was just curious as to what will be entailed in possibly even switching after Caedmon is school age. No rush...I am just interested in getting a first-hand description of it. Sorry for such a long comment. You could email me back if you prefer. Thanks:).

  2. Thanks for the info. That does seem like a lot, but I agree that it is well worth it to be able to teach at home.


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