I decided not to post more thoughts on modesty. My thoughts and convictions tend to run in a different direction than most I think. And I don't want to appear like I'm picking on anyone by posting what I think the issues are with the mainstream concept of modesty. If you're really interested, email me and we can continue it privately.
After finding these cookies during our Friday morning (without Lael) grocery shopping trip, the following conversation took place:

Me : How's your cookie, Alyssa?
Alyssa: Really good. (muffled by a mouthful of cookie)
Me: I'm so glad you like it.
Alyssa: I think I'm going to save this half for Lael.
Me : You don't have to honey, Lael had a treat in her lunch box at Friday School. I bought it for you.
Alyssa: But Jesus in my heart told me to save this for Lael. So I'm going to, okay?

Isn't she such a sweetie?!
Its nice to know that when you want/need some clothes, there is another affordable alternative besides W@lmart.
There are baskets and bunnies all over my house. It feels a little strange because of all the snow but I will confess to loudly celebrating when I saw the forecast. It is March! Spring is coming!! Hooray!!
It officially being March means that my sweetest baby is going to be one this month. She is walking all over the place, rarely crawling any more. If she falls she will just stand up and try to walk again. Even if she falls several times, she'll keep trying. And Lauren loves to talk. Loves. to. talk. At 3 AM. During lunch. In the car. To strangers in the store. Oh and she dances. Little bounces and bootie shakes start any time there is music around. I've tried to get it on video but any time Lauren sees me with a camera, she comes to grab it. I'll keep working on it because its very adorable.


  1. Ugh, it's me isn't it? You totally want to pick on me don't ya? ;)

  2. Where did you find the cookies?
    What a sweetie. Can't wait to see the girls again.....I miss them soooo!

  3. Hi Jackie! I am glad I found your new site. I'm thinking of posting something on my xanga site about Modesty if you want to check it out. I may not. But, it is a topic close to my heart as well and I think I have found some Godly truth in all my searching. If I don't post it, I may email you and we can talk. I'd like to hear your perspective as well as share my own with you!
    Hope you and the girls are doing well. --Randi


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