My, my I'm chatty lately!

Chores - I've been thinking about what my girls really do each day, chore-wise. They each make their beds, put their dirty laundry in the hamper, have a morning chore (Lael - empty dishwasher, Alyssa - feed the dog) and they each put away their own laundry. {Like Brietta said, their drawers are not as neat as I like, but I fully and completely appreciate not having to put away the girls' clothes! } They are also both in charge of cleaning the school/toy room and they set the dinner table together. I'd like to add one chore to the afternoon for each of them. Alyssa (to be honest, I forget how old she is. I think she's capable of much more than I give her credit for) is going to start with wiping down light switches and door knobs, dusting, wiping down Lauren's activity center, straightening up the back room and wiping down the sink and counter top in each bathroom. Lael is going to clean each bathroom once a week (so that's two days), vacuum the stairs with the Dust Buster, wipe down the kitchen cabinets and baseboards and deep clean the school/toy room. Now I just need to organize myself so that my chores coordinate with the girls' chores. I'm going to start Monday so expect more boring updates about our housework while I work through all this. :-)

Modesty - Looks like the topic is spreading! Someone linked to this survey and it is fantastic. What an amazing survey. Definitely worth reading.

Salsa- Last night we had chicken tacos on homemade tortillas with fresh salsa. It was good.

Weather - I keep reminding myself that it is March. At some point spring will have to come. It can't stay this way forever!


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