you know you have...

.... a toddler when these phrases are spoken more than once a day:

- Grab the gate before she gets out!

- Are you eating dog food?! (Don't worry she's never eaten a full piece.)

- Time for Tubbie Bye-Bye! Time for Tubbie Bye-Bye!

- (in hopes to distract her from following big sisters up the stairs) Com bang on all these metal bowls!

- What's she eating?!

- Quick! Shut the bathroom door!!

and my personal favorite which is proof that we also have a really good dog...

Don't give the dog a pacifier. (As Lauren repeatedly tries to stuff it into his nose, as he lays there looking at Lauren adoringly. Poor Max.)


  1. Hey, we found her father eating dog food more than once. Maybe it is in the genes :-)

  2. lol My kids were big into the cat food. ICK!

    I am SO glad to be past that Teletubbie phase! Again, again...

  3. Teletubbies have been off-limits for us (I really can't stand to watch them) and Bethany succeeded once in eating a whole piece of dog food - it's like it was a game for her to dart for it whenever she thought we wouldn't catch her....she would literally have some sixth sense that would tell her when the coast was clear. It sounds so funny when reading about someone else dealing with such antics ;).

  4. At least she doesn't try to eat the pacifier after she sticks it in the dogs gotta think positively....;)


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