Our Greener Home - very cool store.

Love these cleaning products. LOVE them. My whole house smelled like lemons for hours. And not tacky, chemical lemon smell but good, clean fresh lemon smell. So nice.

Happy to have my double jogger back. Not that I jog but I like to walk. And walking with a regular stroller on unplowed sidewalks is impossible.

Thrilled that this story is getting some more press.

Ecstatic that these products are sold at Giant Tiger at amazing prices.

Not so thrilled with the weather.

Really not thrilled the weather made me miss MOPS - the first time I'd planned on going and we get another storm!

And. I don't like Daylight Savings Time. It's just silly to me.


  1. Missed you at MOPS. Lisa was a good speaker, I was charming and amusing ;) You would have enjoyed it and I think it would have been good stuff to hear.

    Next time!

  2. I am not a fan of Daylight Savings Time either, but I am hoping that the "later" sunrise will keep my kids in bed a little later...I just can't handle a 6:30 rising time (especially when children aren't really very well rested.


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