24 bags of leaves and a pile of brush piled next to the road. A cleaned up yard makes me happy.

A residing warmth on my pink arms thanks to the hours it took to bag those leaves. Makes me happy.

Hosta and peony buds fully emerging. Hollyhock leaves growing by the day. Happy.

Smelling a chicken barbecue while watching my big girls walk my little toddler around the yard. Bliss.

A lovely Friday. A lovely weekend to come.

And lastly the one thing that only this crazy housewife would truly love.

I LOVE mowing the lawn. And my hubby loves me. :-) Yep. I'm crazy. But I'm really looking forward to getting our new lawn mower. Yippee for spring!!


  1. ...so there IS another woman out there who enjoys mowing lawns?! Nice new wheels Jackie ;)


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