its official

Lauren is my peanut.

She weighs 20 pounds, 4 ounces and is a tiny 28 inches long. (In comparison, Lael weighed 22 lb. 14 oz. and was 30.5 inches.)

Dr. though that length measurement might be a little off, thinking Lauren is really a bit taller than that. But I'm not so sure. She is pretty little. But she is perfect to me. Lauren is hands down the snuggliest baby we've had. She crawled up onto Josh's lap while I was at Jazzercise and fell asleep all cuddled up with him. It was so cute.

There was no issues about the immunizations. Dr. even mentioned that the pharmaceutical companies have begun paying out settlements to people whose children developed autism after being immunized. Some thing is definitely not right there. Makes me even more thankful she brought the topic up when she did.

And on an unrelated note ... I got the first of many curriculum catalogs in the mail today. This is such a stressful thing for me. And now to think this fall I'll have two children who are officially being homeschooled! I think I'm going to have to tuck away my cheapskate ways and buy a "real" curriculum this fall. ugh.


  1. May I make a recommendation? I hope you are thinking,sure,because I am going to :)
    We are using the Weaver Cir. and love it! It is very hands on and involves a unit study...which is a must for me! It is neat because I am able to teach my 1st grader and my 4 yr. old preschooler at the same time,on different levels of course.They each have their own projects and experiments,based on the same subject/topic.I supplement math with workbooks (from Wal-mart,I am cheap)For reading we are using the book called "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons" It is fabulous!!! Hannah really enjoys it and I am always blessed to see how well she is learning from it.I notice alittle progress everyday! It is really a breeze!!(for her...and I:))
    May I ask what you are using for Lael? Just curious :)

  2. Aubrey is the first one who Dr. M has been a bit more staunch about getting vaccinations for-- understandably so, since a CHD baby has a whole new set of risks that must be weighed. Just when I was starting to feel settled in a plan and method, I'm left uncertain about it all again... Such tough stuff!

    Let me know what curriculum you go with. I'm looking at Five in a Row-- only I would get the books (that we don't own) from the library so as to cut down on the cost. Didn't you do that with Lael last year? I'd love your thoughts on it.

    Oh! And snuggly babies are the best! 28" does sound short, though, considering the fact that Lauren doesn't look like a particularly chubby baby. (I'm just thinking of Aubrey's 12.5#s on 25.5" and then picturing 20#s on 28".)

  3. I don't think either Caedmon or Bethany was even 20 lbs by their first birthday (Bethany wasn't even 17 lbs!), but I think they were both fairly long (above 50%). Maybe Nathanael will be my first non-peanut ...I'm not really holding my breath, though :).

  4. I wish I could meet Lauren (and Alyssa) and see Lael again. :( Lauren sounds and looks like a cutie!
    As for homeschooling, I just want to say that I admoire you in this area. I don't think that Pete and I will be going that way when the time comes. I think it's great what you guys are doing and I will pray for you in your curriculum search.


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