lauren jessa (Updated)


Diagnosis: Impetigo. A round of antibiotics to stop the spreading.

The big girls were great. And I'm happy to be home.


My poor baby has a painful-looking rash on her face and leg. Its starting to spread a bit onto her belly, so we are going in to the doctor.

You would think that after dealing with food allergies, skin issues and asthma problems that has sent us to countless doctors over the last 4+ years, I'd not get so jumpy over a rash, right? Especially since taking any of them to the doctor usually means taking all three girls to the doctor. (One of those "no family in the area" issues...)

But I'm having flashbacks from the horrible rash and infection Alyssa had when she was almost 2. The ER doctor wanted to admit her because he'd never seen anything like it. The details still make my stomach turn. (And to think of how gorgeous her skin is now makes me very thankful. Does that count as number 33? Hm. Yes I think so.) Since we're scheduled to leave here early Wednesday morning, I'm not taking any chances.

To the doctor we go.

And for once I really hope its just a bad eczema outbreak.


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