A List of Unrelated Topics

- I continue to be amazed at how much the cost of food has increased. Usually, I shop at Aldi's (or Save a Lot) and Walmart (or Dollar General) for the best prices. Even then I'm still watching my weekly totals increase. As much as I love Price Chopper with all its gourmet selections and fantastic butcher - its just too expensive. I'd love some pointers on coupon clipping from anyone who has experience. Is it worth it to shop regularly at Price Chopper to stock up on the register coupons they give out? I don't buy a lot of prepackaged food. Where do you find coupons for boneless chicken or carrots?!

- I like these products. It smells clean and it works. Bleach makes my head hurt. I'm glad this stuff will clean my impossible sink without giving me a headache.

- We are getting rid of our piano. We need the space right now more than we need to keep a piano (that needs work) for 2 or 3 years from now when the girls are ready for piano lessons. It plays just fine but needs some ivories replaced. Anyone want it?

- Lauren is sleeping a bit better. She popped out another tooth. Now she sleeps in until 5:30. WooHoo.

- Lael would stay outside all day long if I let her. When we were shopping on Tuesday she begged for garden gloves. Raking the yard with daddy made her forgo dessert - Girl Scout cookies. She is definitely enjoying the lovely weather.

- Alyssa loves to wear dresses. The first thing in the morning and the last thing at night she says to me is "Can I wear a dress tomorrow?" Her nightly prayers usually end with "And God, please tell Mommy to let me wear a dress tomorrow." I'm not kidding. She is too cute sometimes!

- I have nothing on my calendar today. This week has been a bit busy with our church's annual prophetic presbytery meetings, some husband-mandated shopping, a WIC check-in and visiting with a family from church that has a new baby boy. Tomorrow is CFA, grocery shopping and meeting this little baby. So on our empty day, we're going to fill it with the things that are supposed to happen on wonderfully warm and clear days - walks, picnics and yard work.

- I've been feeling corrected a lot lately and that gets hard. The Lord is definitely calling me higher in areas of personal discipline and how I relate to my children. My small group is doing this book for our spring meeting and I've been asked to lead the study on it. Coincidence? I think not. They are studying discipline in regards to child rearing. Happenstance? Nope. God knows what He's doing.

- And lastly, the Keith Green CD I thought was ruined is now burned to my computer and added to my MP3 player. That makes me happy.


  1. I hear you on the rising cost of groceries. How can bananas go from costing $0.25/lb to $0.47/lb (this is Save A Lot-- P&C would like over $0.60/lb, I think) in 2 short years?!?!

    Just the other day I saw a commercial for Green Works and was wondering how the products are. They are definitely of interest to me!


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