next week

My lovely daughters and I will be leaving on Wednesday for a long weekend. We'll be traveling to my parents' house and transferring over to their RV. Then (either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning) we'll be driving down to Long Island for my cousin's wedding which is Saturday evening. Why are we leaving on Thursday you ask?

Because we are going to camp on the beach for the two days before.

I understand there will be no swimming or sunbathing but there will be plenty of other lovely things. Shells. Driftwood. Fires on the beach, roasting marshmallows. Seeing family I haven't seen in years. That smell. That salt-water in the morning smell. Can't you just smell it?! Oh I can. And I'm so excited because my girls are going to get a small taste of some great childhood memories I hold dear.

Long Island was home for me until I was 10. Each summer, many days were spent on the beach. One summer in particular, we camped in our little pop-up camper all summer long, while our family was moving into a new home. (I think there were renovations done or something. I was 6, details are sketchy.) Three glorious months of sun and sand. My brother and I were completely tan and sunstreaked by the time we moved into our new house and started school in the fall. And we've talked about how great that summer was ever since.

So even though it's not quite summer and the weather won't be as glorious as its been these last few days, we are going to enjoy every minute. My girls have never seen the ocean. Its about time they did, I think. Don't you?


  1. Oh that sounds just perfect!!! I love family trips :-)

    I think the ocean is a wonderful thing for kids to see. My oldest has seen it, but he was just 2. I guess technically my second did also since she was 2 1/2 months old.. but... I don't think she realized she saw it ;-)

    I'm hoping we can find some sort of (reasonable) trip involving sun, sand, and ocean soon!


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