on giving thanks

She led the women's Sunday School class yesterday. It was fantastic. Encouraging, convicting, funny, interesting, thought-provoking -- just good. During her lesson, she mentioned the blog A Holy Experience. The woman who writes this blog has begun a web trend called Endless Gifts. Its a list of things you are thankful for, whether they are written on your blog, in your journal or simply whispered for the Father alone to hear.

I need to do this.

I'm one of those women that Lore talked about that so easily sees what everyone else has that I'm missing out on. When, in reality I have so much to be thankful for. So my list begins today. My heart needs to change. My mindset needs to be changed. I need to lead my daughters in thankfulness and praise. Not in grumbling and bitterness. So here goes.

I'm thankful for...
- my daughter's voice repeating her memory verse.
- happy babies with big blue eyes
- a beautiful blonde-haired girl who is healthy and strong
- my husband who works so very hard to see to our needs
- a great church


  1. I LOVE Ann's thousand gifts idea. And all of the posts she's written on the effects of gratitude are just so inspiring, convicting, and amazing, really. You know that being thankful is in the Bible -- but then when you really start to study how much it improves everything about our lives... it's just totally a God-thing.

    So cool that you're starting the list.

    And cool that this post reminded me of how much more gratitude I can use in my days!


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