rubber meets the road

Since posting the beginning of my Gratitude List, I have been pushed to my wits end and back again several times. The toy room closet organizing project that was started at 10 AM is still happening as I type - at 2:04 PM. The baby that was supposed to take one long nap, enabling me to complete my outline for the study I have to lead tomorrow night, slept for an hour. Several talks about discipline and commitment to Jesus and His ways. Its been a long afternoon.

But I'm going to be thankful.

- a home that comfortably houses our family
- sunshine and the birds chirping away at the bird feeder
- my very loyal dog who will lay next to me, no matter where I'm sitting
- daughters who tolerate my many mistakes
- a God who keeps calling me back and loving me through them
- Alyssa, who can make Lauren smile and giggle in seconds, even if she was crying and cranky


  1. I think that often the "testing" comes because of a decision to try to be more Christ-like in a particular area. I know it definitely does for me. Unfortunately, my resolve is usually pretty weak. Good job hanging in there!


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