34. Josh is staying behind while the girls and I go off for a fun weekend. Why? To work. And (hopefully) to get some projects done around the house and yard. I feel so blessed to know that he works so hard to provide for us.

35. Lael cleaned the whole house without me asking last night. I noticed her puttering around and humming for awhile before I asked what she was doing. "Cleaning." Not until I started looking around did I realize she had cleaned pretty much everything while I was doing the kitchen! She even organized the shoes in the back room, which is my biggest pet peeve, and did both bathrooms.


  1. An industrious oldest child!
    A great example to the little ones:)

    Thanks for the binder info/website. I'll check it out soon.
    I didn't read your comment until late today. But I'll take you up on the blondie watching next doctor visit!
    Have fun on your trip ;)
    Sarah D.

  2. That is so fantastic that Lael was voluntarily cleaning. Caedmon and Bethany will occasionally try to be helpful, though I think it's more for the novelty of whatever it is they are doing. Hopefully, they will become more motivated as they get older ;). Enjoy your looong weekend.

  3. Why would you leave your husband home? Anyway, If I had a husband like your I would never want to leave his side!

    Just a thought.

  4. WOW....
    i NEVER clean.... :)


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