Thursday's Grumble

Lauren wakes up at 4:30. Four-thirty AM. Every day for the last week.

I've tried everything to get her to go back to sleep. Rocking, nursing, co-sleeping, crying, bouncing. Nothing. Works. I've not been putting her to bed any earlier. It's impossible to keep her up any later because she's hysterical with exhaustion by 7:30 pm. (And she isn't sleeping through the night yet either.)

My eyes don't open all the way until around 7AM. I've tried everything to get myself awake too. Coffee, exercise, lemon water, starting chores, everything. I wind up doing my 100's and drinking two cups of coffee before I even know what I'm doing. An hour later I find myself questioning if I did anything at all because I still feel sluggish and sleepy.

Unfortunately this also means I'm pretty cranky in the morning. I try to just not talk to anyone but my girls all wake up at full speed.

Help? Is there any way to get Lauren to sleep in a little?


  1. If you get any good tips, let me know. I have one who sometimes rises far too early for the rest of the house to put up with(5:30), her typical is 6:30 - 7 is rare and like a glimpse of heaven (I too just can't deal with earlier than 7 am, weird.)

  2. Have you tried white noise? Veccuuming, water, tv static? That puts Nathanael to sleep when nothing else works. Otherwise, I don't know. Good luck!

  3. Well, the only thing I can think of is adjusting nap schedules. Ridiculously early rising has always been my signal to cut back on napping. But since Lauren's already a year old, she probably isn't taking a morning nap anyway, so it doesn't seem like that would work. I don't know!?!?! Hope you figure something out, though, because 4:30 is ear-ly!

  4. All I can honestly suggest is waiting for her to outgrow it a bit. That's all I can suggest. Sorry. No tricks here. Never figured that one out...

  5. I remember those seasons-actually, they were just a blur! :-) I agree with Darlene, I think it's just a season that she will outgrow. I recall one of the boys doing the same thing. I tried everything and then one day he just started sleeping in. So, although I don't have any great suggestions, I can say that I will pray for God's grace and strength to be your portion!
    Love you!

  6. Hi Jackie-

    Came across your blog.
    It's really beautiful!!!

    I have a few baby thoughts:
    (Of course, you as Mom, know what's best for Lauren!) :)

    1. At a year old, Lauren is definately able to physically sleep at least ten to twleve hours straight.
    2. Recently, while training Zoe to sleep, I noticed she too woke in the early AM hours. 5 AM is too early for me! I prefer 7, so that I can be somewhat awake for her when she rises to eat. So, after putting her to bed around 7:30-8 PM, I then wake her again around 10-11PM to eat one last time. This carries her through the night. She normally wakes up at 7:30ish.
    3. If she wakes too early in the morning I do let her cry (granted there is nothing wrong with her. ie. teething, sickness, dirty diaper.)
    4. After a couple of early mornings letting her cry, she'll learn that Mom or Dad is NOT coming to see her this early. I know some Moms HATE the thought of letting baby cry. If this is you, then certainly don't try this.
    5. I personally allow my babies to cry when going to sleep. I have found that this establishes healthy sleep patterns for them, and reaffirms my role as the parent. Guiding and training my children to sleep and not expect their every need/want to be met on their demand, helps me retain authority as Mommy.
    6. You could check out this website:

    Let me know how it turns out. I'm always up for new/effective parentning solutions!

    Sarah D.


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