Family Update

Its been a long while. Here is the happenings of our family ...

Lauren - My littlest girl is such a fun toddler. Lauren is finally sleeping well at night! After almost 14 months of interrupted (barely 6 hours a night) sleep it is SO nice to feel rested. She is so cuddly and sweet but adventurous and (hands down) my most challenging toddler. She's already climbed out of her seat in her wagon, fallen out of her crib, figured out how to climb onto the furniture and reach fun things (like the telephone ....) and fallen down some stairs after climbing up to chase Daddy. Her favorite activity is to move Alyssa's desk and get into the bathroom. She doesn't just unwrap the toilet paper any more. She bring new rolls into the living room. Thankfully she hasn't figured out (yet!) how to unroll those. Lauren is on her third day of cloth diapers. She seems to like them just fine. They are more bulky than disposables so I think its been more of an adjustment for us, seeing her with a cloth-diapered bottom, than for her.

Alyssa - My sweet Alyssa. I have her the wrong type of milk this past Tuesday in her cereal. There really is no excuse for it but in my defense, we'd been out very late the night before and all three kids were talking to me at once. She only at a few bites and we managed to do all the right things so she didn't go into full anaphylactic shock. We did, however, call 911 and ride to the hospital in an ambulance. I just wasn't sure what to do and her doctor's office wasn't opened yet. But Alyssa thought it was a great adventure and we were home by 11 AM. She's been fine ever since. Next week we travel to Clifton Park for her check-up with the allergist. At this point, I am just hoping that maybe her egg allergy has lessened or been healed. Obviously her milk allergy is still raging and all her nut allergies are almost always a lifetime issue.

Lael - I was realizing the other night how much Lael has grown this year. Not just in height (although she's catching up to me much too quickly) but in attitudes. This past year we focused as much on attitude and character as academics. I really think it was a good year for her. Not that we don't still have issues, because she is barely 7, but she is learning control and manners. Lael also continues to be my biggest help around the house. I think she could pretty much run the house with mild supervision at this point. This is the first year we are cutting back on birthday parties. Lael will be having three friends over for dinner. That's it. Normally we have huge blow-out weekend affairs. She's adjusting to the change wonderfully. (And we are all excited about a low-key celebration that focuses on the birthday girl rather than focusing on preparing for a houseful of guests.)

Josh - Work continues to keep Josh quite busy. When he's not working, he's been doing a ton of yard work. Between the vegetable garden and his outdoor kitchen the yard looks great. Not to mention our lovely new white privacy fence, that we love. We girls keep him pretty busy!

Me - I'm in preparation mode for the yard sale tomorrow. And a little in panic mode because its supposed to rain on Saturday - yard sale day #2. This is the most thorough whole house decluttering I've ever done. I cannot believe how much stuff we have! I went through everything - closets, bins of clothes, cabinets, dishes, toys, Christmas decor, everything. So if it rains on the days I was going to try and sell all this stuff, that would not be so good. Besides that, I've been researching canning and storing food as well as more on vaccinations. I requested that the Canton library purchase some books on this hot topic and they did! Its nice to have such up-to-date resources available without having to buy them.

I think that's about it on this household. Pray that the rain would hold off until late afternoon on Friday and Saturday!!


  1. The bulky bottom has taken adjustment around here, too! I kind of miss those trim, baby bottoms, but it's not enough to change my mind about it all, that's for sure. Mostly I was surprised by how much better 6-9m clothing fit Aubrey once we switched to cloth! And that was kind of helpful, actually, since it meant the box of summer clothes fits now instead of me having to buy all new.


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