I did the research when Alyssa was a baby. Knew all the benefits. Understood the pros. But I couldn't swallow the huge upfront cost. Until I saw the price of gas. And as I keep watching the cost of food go up I know that I have to do something to cut our monthly expenses.

We are also "what if" kind of people. We like to try and be prepared for what if's. What if we go through a difficult financial time? What if there is a natural disaster that cuts off utilities? What if the entire economy collapses and we're forced into soup lines once again (okay extreme, I know...)?

One of the ways we're being prepared is by making the switch.
(Updated so links show examples of each type of diaper.)
2 Wool Soakers
3 Pocket diapers
14 Fitted diapers
2 Prefitted diapers
12 flats

Total cost: $82 including shipping.

A bit more for a laundry bag and some additive - free detergent and I'm officially a cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding Christian mother. (If I start wearing jumpers - somebody stop me. Please.)

That is what makes this cheap momma happy!


  1. HAHAHAHA.. the jumpers comment is what got me. ;-)

    What about growing a victory garden, are you doing that? ;-) Yeah, I freaked out the other week a little bit. And now we have some seedlings to prove it. :-D

  2. I loved using cloth diapers, even the old-fashioned kind. I just know I would be in the front of the line for the fun cloth diapers available today!

    Well, jumpers may not be that bad. When it comes to saving money, they could help with that, too. ;)

  3. I love using my cloth too! (I also love finding cloth diapers at garage sales from poor mothers who thought they would give it a try but didn't stick it out.)
    Jumpers don't have much to do with the cloth diapers of today though.. More likely it's yoga pants and tie-dye shirts that you have to watch out for in the cloth diapering, baby wearing crowd!

  4. (If I start wearing jumpers - somebody stop me)

    That's hillarious! :)

  5. Where did you find yours? R.Jay and I have been debating the same thing recently.

    If I saw you in a jumper, I'd surely have to say something... then again, Josh would have already. ;)

  6. What's the difference between the pocket diapers and the fitted diapers? I must confess I didn't do enough research before attempting cloth diapering...I think the volume of information was a bit overwhelming...so I'm curious what influenced the choices you made as to what you're going to use.

  7. Hey....what's wrong with jumpers?
    -Melisa G.


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