keep on truckin'

59. Making memories. Josh took this house full of girls to the circus yesterday. It was a great show with lots of wild animals and hair-raising stunts. The girls are still talking about which act was their favorite. Although the logistics of taking a one-year-old to the circus were a bit challenging at first, she fell asleep about half way through and we all enjoyed the show. Now the girls are the Fabulous Climbing Sisters and my couch is part of the act...

60. The smell of spring rain. Does anything else smell that clean?

61. Some time with my big girl today. She's going to be 7 soon, you know. A little early birthday shopping, just her and me. Just what we both need, I think.

62. Board shorts and tankini's being in style. And Bermuda shorts!! If you have daughters with long legs, you feel my pain. Bermuda shorts are perfect. I love them.

63. Feeling the pressure lift. Because we started school in August, we are pretty much done! Apart from the field trip tomorrow and some daily reading, Lael has completed the first grade. Yippee!!

64. My phone rang twice all weekend. At first this kind of bummed me out but now I'm thankful for it. We had a very quiet weekend together at home.

65. The hums and giggles of two sisters playing upstairs (even if they are supposed to be getting ready for the day) and the toddling steps and noises of a fluffy haired baby exploring.


  1. #60 - I think drying the laundry outside makes a close second to that clean smell.

    #63 - Hooray!!! Congratulations! :-) Have you decided on what to use for next year? I'm trying to hold off until the end of this month so I can browse around the LEAH convention (btw, coming to that?? :-D)

  2. Jackie, I really need to talk to someone about getting started on Homeschooling. I'd like to email you, but I'm not sure what your email is. It's really important because I am not sure if I am supposed to inform the school of my choice or if I don't have to until he is seven? That's one among other questions I have. Can I have your email?


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