memorial day

66. Freedom. I don't want Memorial Day to be a trite holiday in our house. Later this morning, the girls will go with Josh to the cemetery. They'll look at all the tombstones marked with flags to realize just how many men have served in the military. Its a powerful little trip for them.

67. Small towns. Our little town will have its parade in a few hours. The girls are excited to use the new wagon. So am I! :-)

68. Ordering the perfect birthday present for Lael. She is going to be SO excited. (Its an MP3 player. Don't tell her okay?) It was the only thing she asked for and we told her she had to earn it with good behavior. So I'm pretty sure she knows its coming. But still, a little suspense is always fun.

69. A completed vegetable garden. It looks awesome. Now I hope that everything grows well so I can learn to can some of our harvest.

70. A day off so I can let my hubby sleep in. He's earned it, trust me.

71. Plans with friends for a barbecue this afternoon. I can't even remember the last time we went to someone's house for dinner. We're all looking forward to it.

72. Its officially summer, you know. When you grow up near two tourist traps, you learn that Memorial Day is the official start of summer. And I'm thankful for that because it (hopefully) means that schedules lighten up a bit and we can entertain more.

73. Garage sales. I'm having one next weekend. Its so nice to get rid of our clutter. But its also nice to know that its going to people who want/need it. And the making a little money part is nice too. :-)

74. A good book about nutrition that isn't too over the top for me. I borrowed it from the library but this one I might buy.

75. Tomorrow is Tuesday. That means that my diapers might be here tomorrow. I thought I'd have enough disposables to get me through until they got here but I will have to buy one more small pack. That's alright though. It will be good to keep a few in the house for awhile anyway I think. (75b. And for her, because she really is a walking cloth diaper dictionary.)

76. This lazy, slow, relaxed morning. My big girls are playing and watching PBS. Lauren is walking around playing with her baby dolls and trying to pet poor Max. Its nice to just sit and breathe, knowing that there are no deadlines today.


  1. Paula's recommended that book to me and it sounds very good. It's on my Wish List!

    I still have some disposable diapers from before Aubrey's fuzzi bunz arrived. It was nice to have them on hand when we went to NYC over Mother's Day weekend. I just threw a bunch in the suitcase and we were all set for travel. (I guess I'm not brave enough to do cloth while traveling, though I know people did it for years!)

    Have a great Memorial Day.

  2. Glad to know your girls will know what Memorial Day is all about. So important.

  3. The trip to the cemetery is a creative idea - great way to reinforce the meaning of the holiday.

    Also, I love all the updated photos - it's great to see your family grow and too see the house/yard on occasion (sp?).

    Finally, THANK YOU for the links to different types of cloth diapers. When Peter and I are able to get pregnant and have one of our own, we had already planned on using cloth diapers, but I never knew there were so many varieties. Now, we will have to do a little research of our own. :)

  4. If you do want to get that book from amazon, I threw it up in my store... it still ships from Amazon but the referral bonus for me goes towards our adoption fund (I know, shameless plug for my store!!)


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