Ms. Cook

I really like my stat counter. At first, it kind of freaked me out to see all these people reading my blog. Especially people I'm sure I don't know, since many of them are from states where I have no friends. But hey, you are all welcome to read my ramblings.

Anyway. Today on my stat counter I saw a familiar place. Middleboro, Massachusetts. I only know one person who is from Middleboro, Massechusetts. Ms. Cook, its been entirely too long since we chatted. I've lost your email address so please email me at mrsjtc[at]gmail[dot]com.

I've started reading this book. I'm committed to all this healthy living stuff. Organic? Can't afford it. Even the health food stores in our area are super pricey so I'll be sticking with Aldi's. I'm making changes. But keifer?! I cannot drink keifer. Icky.


  1. I agree on the price of organic - though there are some nice frozen organic veggies here that seem reasonably priced compared to most organic foods - I plan on trying some next time we get groceries (the brand is Cascadian farms).
    Also, I have to ask - what in the world is keifer? (I mean, we used to have a parrot by that name, but you certainly can't drink
    Finally, I have a cookbook to suggest, if you want more whole grain ideas - It is entitled whole grains and it is made by Betty Crocker. :) It has everything from breakfasts to desserts - as well as useful info on grains and nutrition - yay!
    Okay, sorry for such a long comment - I'll stop babbling now. :)

  2. Oh man! I tried keifer and couldn't handle it. Ewwww. Who drinks sour milk on purpose?!?!?! (I have heard that if you make smoothies with it, it's OK...)

    I'm with you on not being able to afford all the *best* stuff. Most of my shopping takes place at Save A Lot... and Aldi on the occasions when I can get all the way to Massena or Ogdensburg. I think we take the tools we have and the knowledge we acquire and make the best decisions possible within our limitations and boundaries (financial, logistical, etc.).

  3. We have been doing some organic food, though I do have a hard time swallowing the high prices. I think that being in a big(ger) city makes things a bit more affordable if purchased on sale ($2.99 for an organic pineapple is a pretty good deal). We sort of traded quantity for large chicken breast and some veggies feeds our family dinner sometimes (on purpose, though, we aren't trying to starve anybody). My hope, though, is that the demand for more organic food will go up and, therefore, drop the price.


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