Its sitting here. Right here next to me. The mood. The melancholy eyes that only see what everyone else has and overlook everything I have. I'm trying to fight it and this glorious sunshine and strong coffee are helping. But there is really only one way to fight it.

I like to think that I like change but I really don't. I like things to go according to my plans with no hiccups. That rarely happens though. This morning changes are frustrating me, the options annoying me. I just want it my way. How selfish. My way needs to change. My way needs to be His Way. His Way is the way to fight off the melancholy and the selfishness. Its the path to thankfulness.

Back on track.

43. Homeschooling. We're taking a field trip - with a bunch of other homeschooling families -next week and I'm excited for it.

44. Fresh flowers on my dining room table.

45. Small group tonight.

46. Quiet at the exact moment I needed it.

47. Sleep from 9:30 PM through 2:30 AM. Lauren isn't a great sleeper so last night's long stretch felt great.

48. Exercise.

49. The little bit of knowledge that they sell replacement ivories at Northern Music. I'm glad the girl who came to look at our piano told us. I'm glad that she decided she didn't have enough help to move it. Now to find out if its true and how expensive it is ....

50. Dried cherries from Aldi's.

51. Vegetable garden plans.

52. The shrubs and hostas that line my front walkway. The shrubs were a gift from Josh and the hostas dug up from Stacy's yard. Every time I look at the walkway, I'm reminded of the great people in my life.

53. It's terrible but I'm so glad American Idol is almost over. I thought this season stunk. Maybe I'm just over the whole phenomenon. It's very predictable to me this year.

54. A husband who is a visionary. Because when plans change and I just see a brick wall, he sees other options that I would never have even considered. That makes me happy.


  1. Oh, how exciting. I remember taking Josh on a field trip there with the Nordbergs! :-)
    Love the video of the girls. And the pix. Your yard looks great; you have done a great job.

  2. I have to say that the little green monster of jealousy is coming out in me....I was supposed to visit the Wilder Homestead as part of freshman orientation, but as I recall....I was getting to know all of you lovely people and none of you were going, so I stayed behind. LOL Odd somehow that now you will be taking your little girl there. I hope you guys have a blast!!

    Oh, I too love the pics, your house/yard is looking great! :)

  3. I know that Idol is somewhat predictable, but I am as much of an addict this year as any. I try so hard to not see the first few so that I don't get started, but it is inevitable around here. And I love, love, love this stuff. Watching people perform and get better is way too much fun for me! Oh, well -- it's just the kind of thing that is right up my alley, I'm afraid! I will be sad when it ends -- I think it's fun entertainment, I must say. But soon it will come to an end and my tuesday nights will be more productive once again! Silly me...;)


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