Sometimes I get sad when I think about the friends I had who aren't my friends anymore. Not because of some big drama, but just because life happens and people lose touch. And then its been a year or two and its awkward to try and get back into peoples' lives. At least its hard for me to do that.

Sometimes I get sad at the thought of my girls' growing up so far from their extended family. They met so many cousins and aunts and uncles over the weekend. Tentative plans for another visit are being pushed off until fall. That's a long time away.

Sometimes I look around and just see all the things that have to get done.

But then.

I think about my wonderful friend Stacy and the new friendships I'm working on. And I'm thankful (36.)

I think about the special trips and the fun-filled weekends. And I'm thankful (37.)

I see all the things we've accomplished around the house this spring (photos to come in a week or so of our new fence!). I'm so thankful (38.)

Every life has challenges. Its easy to look at my challenges as being harder than another person's challenges. But it isn't how hard the trial is, its how well you handle them. I'm trying to handle them with thankfulness for what God has blessed us with.

Some other blessings:
39. My brother won the centerpiece at the wedding Saturday. It was a beautiful bouquet of calla lillies in a square vase. Its gorgeous and its on my table. We won't go into how I got it away from my brother.

40. Josh's uncle sent up a table saw (with Josh's dad, who came to help with the fence. That's 41 because it looks great and I know Josh couldn't have done it alone) that he no longer needed. Its the kind of saw we would have had to borrow or rent for our next home improvement project.

42. Hm. Just in case it doesn't work out I won't write this one yet. But I'm so thankful because I think it will work and I'm so excited. (Its something only a housewife could get excited about.)


  1. Oooo mysterious #42 :-D

    Will we be seeing a picture of 39?? I love square things.. I really want square dishes someday. So.. for love of things square, and my love of calla lillies, picture picture!! Silly I know :-)


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