stepping back

If you like history or if you like her books, you have to check out the Almanzo Wilder Farm in Malone. It is the coolest place. The house is filled with artifacts and antiques, photos and memorabilia. The barns look exactly like they are described in the book. Add to it tour guides in costume and some sunshine - its a fantastic way to spend a morning! We were just beginning our tour of the house when some families arrived a few minutes late. I walked out of the door, with Lauren on my hip, and waved to them. I felt like I'd stepped back in time, trading wagons for minivans. As I walked across the apple orchard to greet them, I was so thankful for the beautiful sunshine we had. It was lovely. Our group had about 30 kids and we were split into 3 tour groups so everyone had time to get questions answered and things explained. The gift shop is adorable, well priced and filled with tons of books. The house is immaculate. I could spend all day there wandering around looking at everything. There is SO much to see. I wish we'd had more time to look around but had to stay on schedule. There is also a big pavilion where we had a picnic lunch and the kids ran around. Can you tell I loved it? I loved it.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera. But my girls now have bonnets and have traded in the princess games for prairie girl play. I love it.

Now this tired momma is going to throw together a quick dinner and enjoy the evening.


  1. We live near Sleepy Eye, Walnut Grove and Mankato. There is much to see and do related to those books here. My kids are all a bit old now but there are many fun places to visit.

  2. I loved going there as a girl and was so glad when my mom told me last night that she would be bringing Merrick! What a wonderful way to bring history to life, you know?!?!

    Did you organize the day?

  3. We were enroute when Merrick "tossed his cookies" as they say. As I pulled to the roadside to facilitate use of the garbage bag, I sadly smiled and said, "Looks like we'll be turning around, little buddy." Mom was disappointed and so was he.

    I was telling some folks later that you had done a super job of organizing totally fun field trips for the younger crowd. It is so wonderful to see the next "crop" of CFA moms taking their place, showing initiative and resourcefulness. Thank you so, so much!

    Looks like Merrick will need a solo trip -- maybe his nephew Gabriel will join him. It sure would have been fun for him to be with the CFA kids. In case you didn't know this about him, he's a "the more the merrier" type! ;)

  4. How about posting pics of the girls in their new bonnets. I was so looking forward to the seeing pictures of the field trip :-(

  5. I second the comment about pictures!

    Can I have your e-mail address to write about diapers? :-) I have a few questions for you before making recommendations!


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