the weekend so far....

Friday evening was Academy Night for Lael. It's like the spring concert for CFA. (My camera is filthy! Sorry for the spots.) Lael's stomach was a little unsteady so we didn't stick around for the fellowship but it was great to see how much she's learned.

She chose her entire outfit on her own, as a early birthday present.

Alyssa just wanted to make a funny face ....

Lauren started wearing clips and little pony tails in her hair. We really don't want to cut it so now we're teaching her to not pull them out.
Our fence now has a gate!

And our vegetable garden has been expanded and is covered with manure. We have all our plants and will be putting everything in tomorrow or Monday. Our very old rototiller is still sitting there, waiting for morning. And the fence needs to be straightened. The lists never stop...


  1. Love the outfit and the pictures. Don't like that she is getting to look way too grown up! Love, love, love the fence and that it has a gate in it. All the kids are adorable but they are all growing up way too fast for this old fat grandmother's liking.


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