No skin tests were done today.

The allergist decided it was time to start testing her via the RAST tests. We were able to get into a lab for Albany Med, the lab that her allergist highly recommends. After Alyssa succeeded in charming the nurses and receptionists, she bravely sat through getting a huge vile of blood drawn without so much as a squeak. When she asked the nurse if she could have an extra sticker for her sister, I thought they were going to try and keep her! Alyssa was so sweet, patient and calm through the whole morning. Now the waiting for results will be a drain on me but its at least done for Alyssa.

Afterwards we went shopping for swim suits. Seeing the selections at all the usual stops - I was getting edgy. Who puts their kids in these teeny bikini bottoms and halter tops?! Thank the Lord for Lands' End. Sears had a huge Lands' End bathing suit selection - all 30% off. Perfect tankinis with (Nana splurging on the) perfect coordinating rash guards. (Okay so some of the online prices are better than the prices we got today but we really needed to try them on so I'm okay with it.)

I am one very happy momma.

Tomorrow we head home. I wonder what projects Josh got done while we were gone .... ....


  1. I love love love those rash guards!

  2. Can't wait to hear the test results!! We're praying! When you get a chance you can check out my xanga. I posted my currculum; well most of it! :)


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