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The detergent! Everyone wants to know how it works...

It works great! The only thing I may change with the next batch is to use Ivory soap to give it a little bit of a scent. Right now it just doesn't smell like anything, which is good too I guess. Among other things, I washed Lael's beach towel which had been used to wipe muddy feet after lots of time playing in the sprinkler. When it went in it was very mud-stained and pretty stinky. Now? Its perfectly clean and fluffy. The detergent looks a little gloppy and weird but if it works, what difference does it make right?

I transferred the finished detergent to two coffee canisters with lids.

We've been looking into grain mills over the last few weeks. We pretty easily decided we wanted a hand crank mill and started looking around for one. On a whim I posted on Freecycle that I was looking for one. Someone responded to me! So here's our new grain mill, ready for action... The first batch of bread made with freshly ground flour just came out of the oven a little while ago. (And that's a batch of granola bars I baked while the bread was on its second rise.) Delicious!

Our garden is growing like crazy. I'm so thankful for this hot weather because it really gave our tomato plants a boost! (#77). We have planted: 18 tomatos, 12 peppers, 6 cucumbers, 2 rows of beans, 4 parsley, 2 cilantro, 4 zucchini, 6 pumpkins and a large clump of scallions.

There are several large flowering trees above our garden. Once the flowers fall off its fine but while they're dying, the flowers make quite a mess of our yard ....

The first flower on a tomato plant! Woohoo!
Some family photos - Lauren and Josh in the baby pool. She wanted him to kiss her rubber duckie. :-)

The big girls playing in the sprinkler and on the slide. They brought the sprinkler close enough to the slide so that it sprayed the slide and they could still run through the sprinkler.


  1. You are one busy lady. Wonder woman! I'm going to have to brave these gas prices one of these days for a visit. Miss you guys!

  2. I love, LOVE that smooshy, kissy face on your baby! She's too adorable. And you are so right, those suits are great on the girls!

  3. How is homeschoolin the girls going?? I need to email you soon!!

  4. There's someting about Fels Naphta soap. It's stain busting power is awesome. Let us know if the stains still come out using the Ivory. I'm curious....
    Thanks for all the fun tips! Your garden is GREAT!!! Love that grain mill!!!
    You are such a great Mommy!!!
    Sarah D.

  5. The picture of Josh and Lauren is precious! Where did you find your big girl's bathing suits? I am looking for some for my big girl's,but cannot seem to find any that are not all sleezy.I like theirs alot.Let me know,please!


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