clean the cheap way

87. A list of homemade cleaners. (I've now transferred it to a Works document if anyone would like it. Leave me an email address.)

88. Progress.

89. Cuddly babies. Especially ones with big blue eyes. :-)

90. Work ethic.

91. Kneading bread.

92. Clean, fresh diapers.

93. A husband who spends his day off working around the house with me.

94. June 27th.


  1. What is June 27th? When you are going away with Josh?

  2. Oh, I love cuddly babies too!

    I would love to get a copy of your homemade cleaners list. abby . daniels @ gmail . com (without the spaces, of course!)

  3. Hey Jackie! I would love to get that list of homemade cleaners from you if you don't mind! My e-mail addy is Thanks!:-)

    P.S.- Have a great time on your getaway!:-)


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