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Here are my favorite homeschool resources from the last 3 years...

- Sing the Word. I cannot rave enough about these CD's. My girls all have way more Scripture memorized than I do, simply because they sing it! They've been the basis for our memorization and Lael's hand-writing practice also.

- First School. Simple, straight-forward printables and lesson ideas. I've used this for at least 3 years now and love it.

- StarFall. This program really drilled home basic phonics and early reading skills for Lael. We really enjoyed steps 2 and 3.

- Flash Kids. At the beginning of Lael's first grade school year, we were looking for ways to conserve money (aren't we always!?). Josh found this book while visiting some friends. It was perfect for us. We needed the basics but didn't need to be overwhelmed as we were working on character issues also. I'm not saying its perfect and wouldn't recommend it to everyone but this was great for us.

- Charts. This website has a plethora of free printable resources. It really helped us as we were working on character and life skills. As I'm looking it at it again, I see some things that would be great for us to us this summer also.

- My Father's World. This is what we will be using in the fall. Alyssa's kindergarten curriculum is all inclusive - phonics to Bible. Lael's second grade program will need math and language arts (still unsure on this one) added on. But since she's at different levels for those subjects, its working well for us. This will be the first year that I buy a packaged, big bucks curriculum but I think I'll need it. With two in school and a very busy toddler (who says please now! Its so cute!!) - I need all the help I can get. The pre-planned teacher's manual will be my new best friend.


  1. Jackie,
    Sing the Word looks great--which ones are your favorite??

  2. I have to say that several times now I've been tempted to throw out my mish-mash and go with something like MFW, particularly since their K program isn't really expensive. Not sure, though... I really want to give the Ruth Beechick reading program a try.

    I'm contemplating Singapore Earlybird math for Gabriel. I've read great reviews about the early math programs; negative about once you get beyond 5th grade. All that to say, I really will want to hear your review!

    Thanks for the charts link!

  3. So you did go with MFW! How does it look in person?

    I'm still debating.. and of course the closer we inch towards July 1st, the more panicked I feel in the decision making!


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