getting back

in the swing of things ...

78. Motivation. Some days I beg the Lord for motivation. This morning He answered. Laundry started, wheat ground, beans cooking, bread rising.

79. Not feeling lazy when I sit down to post. Silly maybe but it blesses me.

80. Our weekend. It was relaxing and fun.

81. Flowers.

82. Consistency.

83. Pleasant, life-filled, kind, happy words.

84. Saving money. Since I've stopped buying diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, household cleaners, stain remover, snacks and bread we saved big this week. About $25 shaved off the grocery spending. With prices rising like crazy this was huge to me!

85. A cool breeze while I'm baking.

86. Plans.


  1. You mentioned not using cleaners or laundry detergent. What are you using in their place?


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