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Alyssa's results are disappointing for one main reason. When she was first diagnosed at 5 months of age, I was told she had a 90% chance of outgrowing the milk and egg allergy by age 5. She will be 5 this coming October. Now I'm sure that when she was younger her milk and egg were probably closer to a level 6 allergy. So it is progress. But until the allergy gets well below a level 2 she has to avoid it completely.

I guess since we were this close to age 5, I assumed that her allergy would be closer to outgrown. Granted we're half way there but I'm definitely "glass is half empty" on this one. I really need to tighten things up in the kitchen in hopes that it will help. That means preparing Alyssa's food with separate utensils, serving her first before anything can get cross-contaminated, washing my hands after I touch an allergen and before I touch her food, etc. The more strict her avoidance, the better it is for her hopes of outgrowing it.

I'm going to get several quarts of strawberries tomorrow. Some will be frozen whole and some I will make into jam and can. Have I ever made jam? No. Have I ever canned? No. Do I even have a clue as to what I'm doing or where to start? No. But I have this book handy. I mean, there are people I can call for help but what good is being self-sufficient if you can't figure out how to do things your self, right?

This cool weather is such a nice break from the extreme heat and humidity we were having. Just think of how fast all the flowers and plants are going to grow once it gets hot again. After soaking in all this rain, giving the roots time to absorb water rather than having the sun burn it right off ... I like summer.


  1. So sorry to hear of Alyssa's allergies. Although it wasn't food, K was allergic to everything else and did immunotheraphy for MANY years. It's only within the last couple of years she hasn't had to take four different medications daily to breathe. Sometimes it takes longer than others but they do grow out of it. We'll keep praying it's soon vs. later for your little one.

    I taught myself to can using the Ball Blue Book ( It's faily inexpensive, found at most stores that carry canning jars, and chock full of great information including illustrated, step-by-step instructions for some things.


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