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95. Absolutely perfect weather. Has anyone else been outside today? It's lovely here in Northern NY.

96. Nameless visitors. My stats show towns and states that are unfamiliar to me. So many times I consider shutting this page down. So often I think about how anonymous it is and how I would much rather have relationships with real people rather than weblogs. But I am blessed (and humbled) to see how many people read these rambles. It is the anonymous readers that keep me writing, in hopes that I am in turn blessing each of you.

97. My pretty red lawn mower. It is SO much easier to mow the lawn with a new mower.

98. Local businesses. Especially our local trash company. I have such respect for the trash company. Especially the guys who drive around and pick up trash. Where would we be without them?! Our trash company is fantastic, friendly and well priced. I really really like them.

99. Josh's fix-it knowledge. The washer and dryer are not working properly again but my hubby knows how to fix the issue. I am thoroughly and completely blessed to not have to pay a repair man again!

100! (woohoo!) - Wiggling in. Sometimes getting into a group of friends and being a part of the group can take a long time. With no family connections and no long-term friendships, even though we've lived here for all of our 8 years of marriage, finding a group of friends is really hard. But I think we're getting in, finally. How silly that seems! But it put a smile on my face when we were invited to two parties on the same evening. We're all really looking forward to it.
Josh and I had a great time in Sacket's Harbor this past weekend. Since we're both closet history buffs, touring the battle field and seeing the historic buildings was so fun. We were sure to eat all the things we can't eat when Alyssa is with us. (Which also means I should eat celery sticks and rice cakes for a week to make up for the calories!) When it got rainy on Saturday, we did some shopping in Watertown and perused a small flea market. I didn't know what to do with my self half the time with no little people around me. Some photos from our weekend will be on my Flickr.

We came home to happy girls and spent the afternoon with my mom before she had to get home. The girls squirted us with their new water guns and we sat in the sun. Today is back to reality. The front lawn is already mowed. Josh stopped home for a quick lunch and to diagnose the washer/dryer issue. My sweet baby Lauren is sleeping (I think she got cuter over the weekend!) and my big girls are taking a break with Franklin. I'm going to mow the back lawn and weed the vegetable garden. Tonight I need to make my second batch of laundry detergent and some sort of snack for the week. The girls are tiring of granola bars. Any ideas?


  1. I like the new colors, too.

    Your weekend away sounds wonderful. I'm so glad you got to go.

    I was about to suggest something like caramel popcorn for a snack food, but I don't know how it would work without butter. Not to mention that it's not very good for you!

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time away! Sorry,I do not have any good,allergy friendly recipes! Hope you find some though :)

  3. Kate and I are enjoying hummus with all sorts of things dipped in it. She was dipping apple slices in it. Yuck. I also recently tried making a white bean dip. It was pretty good. I made pita chips (just broiled them in the oven with a little oil on them) to go with it. Very tasty.
    Glad you guys got away together! Hopefully Steven and I can do something like that for our anniversary. Although we would be bringing along James..


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